Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

Histoire D'amour ♥

The first day I saw him ...
Me and my mother fell in love with he..
He's perfect and what it is ..
He's smart, he's handsome, and of course, he learned ..
I love him

Days when he spent time with me at the McDonald ..
The day the first time I looked into his eyes ..
I know he likes me too.

Days when I could call he 'boyfriend'
Is the day when the first time I felt a butterfly in my stomach ..
He is mine.

Like the other love, I finally decided to drop out and break.
But as soon as he was also getting a new love.
And me too, fell in love with someone who really understands me ..
And we parted without a word in a long time ..

Days when he helped clean up the class at that time ..
Butterfly was flying again in my stomach ..
And I spend my vacation with waiting for a message from him ..
Day when a friend told me that he likes me anymore ..
And the night when he became my boyfriend for a second time, I'm flying with the butterfly ..

The day when we broke up again ..
I have thought that he would come back again ..
And sure enough, he's back with his ​​ex-girlfriend ..
And as before ..
I also fell in love with someone who makes a butterfly's back ..
 The day when I send a message to him ..
I know that he will come back again ..
 And for the third time .. He came back to mine ..
He made ​​me believe in true love ..
Believe that he loves me ..
Trust me and my friends ..
Be my friend when I need ..
Makes me believe that wearing a veil made ​​to look pretty ...
And supported me in every choice ..

At the moment I really love he ..
One message came in this afternoon ..
He said ..
"Sorry, but my parents said we should break up.
And I have to study for exams ..
I love you. I'm sorry. "

And at the moment I believe that he was not entirely mine ..
He will remain my first love is not easy to forget ..
And he will still be someone who reminds me of love should not have ..
And let it fly free butterfly into reality ..


Thank you for all that time you spent with me in the long term ..
Sorry to bother you all that my actions ..
Remains a guitarist of the coolest for me ..
I love you, yesterday, today, and I'll try to forget you.
Thank you, Mr. Fsptrrnda! (っ ˘ З (˘ ⌣ ˘)

At KFC, our first date (́_̀)

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